High Grade Mechanical.


HGM is a market leading provider of heavy mobile maintenance solutions for the mining and civil industries in Western Australia.

Adopting a ‘quality rather than quantity’ approach to our business delivery model, HGM specialises in:

  1. Heavy duty machinery repairs & maintenance
  2. Rostered site personnel
  3. Field service & shutdowns
  4. Maintenance workshop

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Based in Rockingham, Western Australia, the HGM team is renowned for providing high grade people and delivering high grade results. 

We specialise in rostered personnel, heavy equipment maintenance, field service, shut down maintenance.  Also, we have a workshop to offer off-site maintenance solutions. 

We’re not just a mining or civil labour hire business, or a recruitment agency, we’re a team of mining maintenance specialists that value our team and clients!

If you’re a mobile maintenance tradesperson, consider joining the HGM Team. We offer a a wide range of FIFO mining and civil jobs across all rosters.  Plus, we’re leaders in employee culture, pay, and incentives. That’s why we’ve been awarded Business and Employer of Choice across consecutive years.

If you’re a client and need workforce resources, we have quality candidates that will suit your site-specific needs.

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The HGM leaders are motivated to remain an employer of choice in an ever-changing working landscape.  They are invested in looking after every employee and embedding the HGM Values across every level of the organisation.

The essence of HGM is reflected in the values. They are about caring for everyone because working at HGM is about making the impersonal personal and building a sustainable future for all.